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Stipend Based Placement Program for
MCA/Btech Students

Programme Highlights

Unique program for the MCA/Btech Students with the combination of Conceptual Classroom Training & Live Industrial Project with the benefits of Stipends and Placement Guarantee.

Duration: 6 Months

  • Conceptual Classroom Training: 3 Months
  • Exclusive Live Project: 3 Months

No. of Seats: 60

  • For Rajasthan Technical University affiliated institutes: 25 seats
  • From Deemed/Autonomous Universities: 15 seats
  • From Out States Universities: 20 seats


  • Guaranteed placement after 6 months.
  • Salary Package: 4.5 LPA to 6.8 LPA


  • Students will get stipends of INR 8600 to 10,400 after conceptual classroom training.

Industrial Learning Platforms

  • Full-stack Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Cyber Security
  • Python Programming
  • Digital Marketing


Guarantee of a job at Pedestal Techno World Pvt Ltd or Employee Network of 300+ companies consisting MNCs after completing the program.

Additional Benefits

  • Training by Industry Experts
  • Individual / Group Projects
  • Cyber Security
  • HR Insights
  • Corporate Ethics

MCA/Btech Programme


Complete the seamless registration process for the Placement Program for MCA Students by providing accurate personal and academic details through the online form. Upon registration, verify your email address and upload essential documents to finalize enrollment, unlocking exclusive career opportunities and professional development resources.

Experience personalized career guidance in our MCA Placement Program. Register to access exclusive opportunities, resources, and industry-aligned counseling by experts. Elevate your career with tailored insights from seasoned professionals dedicated to your success in the dynamic IT landscape.

Progress through our selection process, starting with a comprehensive written test assessing your skills and knowledge. Successful candidates move on to engaging group discussions, fostering collaborative communication. Finally, qualify for a personalized assessment through a personal interview, shortlisted candidates will get Letter of Internship (LOI)

our dynamic 3-month classroom training for a hands-on, conceptual learning experience. Led by experts, this program ensures a robust understanding of key concepts, preparing you for real-world challenges and professional growth.

Conclude your training phase with an assessment test designed to evaluate your grasp of the material. This comprehensive evaluation ensures a thorough understanding of the training content, allowing you to measure your progress and readiness for the next phase of your professional journey.

Embark on a rewarding 3-month live industrial training project, featuring hands-on experience and a stipend of up to INR 10,400 for your dedication. Dive into real-world scenarios, applying theoretical knowledge in a dynamic environment. This immersive program not only enhances your skills but also provides valuable insights into industry practices, setting the stage for a successful career path.

Conclude your live project training with a final assessment test, meticulously designed to evaluate your performance and proficiency. This comprehensive evaluation ensures a thorough understanding of the practical applications and skills acquired during the training, allowing you to showcase your readiness for real-world challenges in the industry.

Secure your professional future with the assurance of a guaranteed job upon successfully completing our program. We are committed to recognizing and rewarding your dedication by offering tangible employment opportunities, ensuring a seamless transition from training to a fulfilling career.

MCA/Btech Programme


MCA/Btech Programme