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Certified Python Developer | CPD

Python Programming Certification in 90 Days

Created By: Arun Sharma

4.9 (50 Ratings) • 23 Students Enrolled

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Offline Mode & Online Mode

Class Schedule
3 Days in a week

What you'll learn
  • Best Practices and Coding Standards
  • Team Work and Project Work
  • Community and Resources

No Previous Programming Experience Is Necessary; However, A Basic Understanding Of Computer Operations Is Recommended. We'll Start From The Basics And Gradually Build Your Skills. However, Having A Basic Understanding Of Computer Operations And Familiarity With The Concepts Of Variables, Data, And Algorithms Is Beneficial.

Course Description

The "Fundamentals Of Python Programming" Course Offers A Comprehensive Introduction To Programming Using The Python Language. Designed For Individuals With Minimal Or No Prior Coding Experience, This Course Imparts The Essential Concepts Of Programming And Empowers Participants To Write Functional Python Programs. By The Course's Culmination, Participants Will Have Established A Solid Foundation In Python Programming And Will Proficiently Craft Basic Scripts And Programs. By The End Of This Course, You'll Have Gained A Strong Foundation In Python Programming And The Confidence To Pursue More Advanced Python-related Courses Or Apply Your Knowledge To Real-world Projects.

Culminating Project: Participants Will Undertake A Practical Project That Synthesizes Their Grasp Of Course Concepts. This Project Will Encompass The Creation Of A Modest Python Application, Embodying Their Comprehension Of Control Structures, Data Structures, Functions, And File Manipulation.

Who This Course Is For:
  • Absolute Beginners
  • Students and Enthusiasts
  • Professionals Seeking Career Enhancement
  • Aspiring Developers and Data Enthusiasts
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
  • Professionals Exploring Coding Opportunities
  • Anyone Looking to Learn Python in a Structured Manner
Course Content

Overview of Programming and Python

Establishing the Python Development Environment

Essential Syntax and Fundamental Data Types

Variable Declaration and Data

Input and Output Operations

Conditional Statements (if, elseif, else)

Loop Structures (for, while)

Loop Control Statements (break, continue)

Lists, Tuples, and Sets

Proficiency in List Handling: Indexing, Slicing, and Methods 4

Dictionaries: Concept of Key-Value Pairs

Manipulating Strings: Essential Operations

In-depth Understanding of Functions

Defining and Executing Functions

Function Parameters and Return

Introduction to Modules and Libraries

Reading from and Writing to Files

Proficient Exception Handling: Incorporating Try, Except, Finally

Advanced File Handling through 'with' Statement

Insight into Objects and Classes

Constructing Classes and Instances

Methods and Attributes within Classes

Introductory Concepts of Inheritance

Dive into Python's extensive standard library.

Discover third-party packages and how to use them in your projects

Get an overview of popular Python libraries like NumPy, pandas, and Matplotlib

Exolore their applications in data analysis and visualization.

Learn the basics of web development using the Flask framework

Build a simple web application

Course Reviews

Pedestal Techno World Private Limited offers an exceptional learning experience, merging industry insights and expert guidance for skillful futures.

4.9 Based on 50 Reviews
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The Python course was informative, and the support from the instructor and community was fantastic. I'd suggest adding more interactive elements to enhance engagement.

Ayesha Khan

This Python course is an excellent investment. It not only teaches the fundamentals but also provides guidance on practical applications. Highly recommended!

Vishal Joshi

A solid Python course for beginners. The quizzes and assignments were helpful for reinforcing concepts, and the instructor's explanations were clear.

Meera Kapoor

I've taken several Python courses before, but this one stands out. The hands-on projects were my favorite part, and I now feel ready to tackle real-world programming tasks.

Karthik Menon

The course content was comprehensive, but the pacing was a bit fast for me at times. Nevertheless, I learned a lot and appreciate the valuable resources provided.

Sunita Reddy

Wow! This Python course exceeded my expectations. I went from knowing nothing about coding to feeling confident in my ability to write Python scripts.

Arjun Verma

The Python course was great, but I wish there were more advanced topics covered. Nonetheless, it's an excellent starting point for anyone new to programming.

Anjali Gupta

I can't believe how much I've learned in this Python course. It's perfect for beginners, and I appreciate the instructor's dedication to making the complex topics easy to understand.

Rajesh Singh

This course provided a solid foundation in Python programming. The instructor explained concepts clearly, and the exercises were helpful for hands-on practice.

Priya Patel

I thoroughly enjoyed this Python course! The content was well-structured, easy to follow, and packed with real-world examples. I feel confident in my Python skills now.

Rahul Sharma
This Course Includes:

Duration : 5 Months

Letures : 60

Offline & Online Mode

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